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Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the amazing Bionic Book Worm!

The holidays are here! So naturally, like the true bookworm that I am, all I want for Christmas is books. And maybe more alone time to read said books. Today’s prompt is all about the top reads on my Christmas list, and maybe if I send out good vibes to the universe they’ll end up under the tree.

The Infernal Devices – Paperback Spine Set

This is my lease favorite Shadowhunters series, but I have all the other pretty spines in the series so of course I need these to finish off my set. Behold the spine artwork in all its glory.


Harry Potter – Hogwarts Spine Set

Another set of books that I already own, but that I need the pretty spine artwork. There’s no such thing as too many editions of Harry Potter. I currently own the original hardcovers, the 20th anniversary editions, the first 3 illustrated editions…and I want more.


Percy Jackson & The Olympians – The Lightning Thief Illustrated Edition

Are you sensing a theme yet? I don’t want to spend my own money on books I already own (because I want to spend it on new books, duh) …but I wouldn’t mind if someone just so happened to gift them to me. Percy Jackson is one of my favorite middle-grade series and I would die for an illustrated edition. I LOVE Greek mythology and seeing the gods in all their illustrated glory is all I’m asking for.


Glass Sword Collector’s Edition

I want the pretty cover, the silver painted edges and the exclusive content. That is all.


Red Scrolls of Magic

This isn’t even out yet…but I’ve seen ARCs out in the wild and I want someone to send me more Shadowhunter stories STAT. How am I supposed to go an entire year without any Shadowhunter stories?? (HINT: I CAN’T)


Talk To Me

What did you think of my picks? What books are on your holiday wish list? Any I should add?

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