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The Identity Crisis Book Tag by Read By Dev. Check out what characters I’m most like from these best-selling series.

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It’s time for another book tag! Loretta @ The Laughing Listener created her very own book tag and now I’m spreading it around, because who doesn’t want to know what characters they’re most like?

I’m was super hyped…but also scared, because I kept thinking “what if I get someone awful like Taryn (Cruel Prince) or Gale (*gags*).” I think I did pretty well for my Virgo/Gryffindor self. Check out my results and don’t forget to play along!


  1. Take all the quizzes down below and record your answers somehow. I decided to just copy the text from each quiz and paste it into my post, but screenshots work too! Whatever floats your goat (Yes goat. I SAID WHAT I SAID).
  2. NO CHEATING. You get one shot to take each quiz my friends. I’m watching you. ∗Suspicious squinty eyes∗
  3. Use this post to give credit to the creator Loretta @ The Laughing Listener or tag her on twitter @LaughnListener so I can see everyone’s answers!!
  4. Tag some friends to spread the fun!



WHO I AM: Mare Barrow

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 10.39.16 PM.png

Okay, so right off the bat I’m getting the MC Heroine and I guess I’m okay with that since CAL is def a thing for me. Mare can be kinda annoying, but I love her for it anyway.



WHO I AM: Charlotte Branwell & Mark Blackthorn

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 10.42.11 PM.png

YES I LOVE THIS COMBO SO MUCH. Charlotte is my FAVORITE character in The Infernal Devices. She is a badass QUEEN and she ran that institute like the boss lady she is. AND Mark is DEFINITELY THE BEST BLACKTHORN BROTHER (Don’t @ me). I’m not sure if people underestimate me? But I’m definitely the responsible mom of the friend group…did you remember to pack a sweater?



WHO I AM: Dorian & Nesryn

HOW is this so accurate? This is based off dessert preferences and favorite nature spots and I’m concerned that Epic Reads knows everything about me.



WHO I AM: Effie Trinket

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 10.58.09 PM.png

LOL. This is completely wrong. I can literally camp in the forest for a week with no showers, cell phone service, or TV and be completely okay with life. I’m also not flamboyant AT ALL. Buzzfeed, who put this quiz together? I have some questions. Other than that, I don’t mind Effie!



WHO I AM: Dolores Umbridge


This is literally the first time I haven’t gotten Hermione on a Harry Potter character quiz and now I REALLY have questions for you, Buzzfeed! Dolores? Seriously?! I mean…I can be ruthless and bitchy, but I don’t like fluffy pink things? Def have to admit loving sweets but still, DOLORES? Side note: this description does not sound bad to me AT ALL. So yes to the description, NO to the character.



WHO I AM: Amren

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 11.15.40 PM.png

Okay, I am down with this answer for some strange reason? Buzzfeed Community members got it RIGHT. I am also short, with dark hair, and I do tend to act moody even with my family. So yeah besides the vain part I think this is pretty accurate. LOL.



WHO I AM: Noah Czerny

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 11.21.41 PM

The first part about being observant and keeping to myself is 100% ON. POINT. The rest of this is false. I AM loyal to those I love, but I’m not naive or gullible. I am probably the most skeptic person every. But I love Noah. He is a precious cinnamon roll and I don’t mind being like him in some way.

*Sorry friends, you don’t get a cute picture of Twilight because I don’t own these books. (Sorry, not sorry)


WHO I AM: Edward Cullen

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 11.26.40 PM.png

SAY IT. OUT LOUD. I’m like Edward? This is not me…at all. Other than people staying away from me I have absolutely nothing in common with him, but like cool I get to be a hottie vampire. That counts for something.



WHO I AM: Jude

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 11.31.43 PM.png

I mean, Jude isn’t the best Heroine of all time, but things could have been worse. I could have been Taryn. And nobody wants that. I am stubborn when it comes to my beliefs and decision making so I guess this makes sense?

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 11.37.44 PM.png


WHO I AM: Thorne

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 11.35.19 PM.png

I LOVE Thorne (and also Flynn Rider…heeeey, how you doin’) so I’m so okay with this. I don’t think it describes me at all. I thought for sure I would be Scarlet, but beggars can’t be choosers. And at least I’m not Kai.

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Tagging anyone who wants to play along!

What did you think of my answers? Do you think I’m like or dislike the results?

Review | An Ember In The Ashes Is Fantasy Gold

An Ember In The Ashes IMG954239

By: Sabaa Tahir

Overall Rating: ★★★★

Laia lives with her grandparents and older brother, Darrin. Darrin gets arrested for treason. After Laia runs away like a wimp, she decides to be strong like her mother and do whatever it takes to free her brother. ENTER: The rebels who promise to help her, but only if she helps them (*dun, dun, dun*).

She infiltrates an elite school for soldiers, posing as a slave, where she  meets Elias, the school’s finest soldier. They both endured some pretty horrific things, leading to the pair teaming up becoming unlikely allies. CUE: THIS IS WHEN THINGS GET CRAZY.

Theme Song


An Ember In The Ashes is Gladiator x Hunger Games with just enough mythical creatures to make this the fantasy series of my dreams. The characters are complex, sometimes annoying, but always interesting.  You won’t be able to put this book down. I highly recommend!

The Good

The Story

I’m so here for the no-happy-ending-for-you theme of this book. I was also really intrigued by the prophecies, the impending doom coming from all sides (literally I had no idea who was really the “bad guy” the entire time), and the history of the world. Throw in some soldier-on-soldier fight to the deaths, crazy magical priests (who remind me of Silent Brothers from Shadowhunters) and FAERIES and I’m 100% in. If you don’t like bloodshed or scenes that will hurt you in the heart, you might want to skip this.


The Characters

Darrin had me from page one. Elias was love at first sight. Laia was annoying AF. Helene was…complicated. What do they all have in common? They are complex, intriguing, and all had me screaming in irritation, scoffing in anger, or rolling my eyes in disbelief. The journeys these characters go through are so good. They aren’t perfect, and I love them just the way they are…yes, even you Laia.

Elias Veturius Gets His Own Section

ELIAS, SOLDIER BOY OF MY HEART. Yes, he gets his own section. He’s now officially my one f*ckboy I allow on my book boyfriend list (Sorry Tiberius Calore, you’ve been dumped). He’s groomed to kill and follow directions, but can’t seem to get past his adorable, caring, sweet cinnamon roll heart. Yeah, he may get distracted by Laia’s curves or Helene’s hair, and literally every other pretty girl who walks his way…but he gets stuff done. And I love him.


The Bad

I Have So Many Questions

Book one leaves you with A LOT of unresolved plot points. You learn a lot on this journey, but all the important bits don’t start filling in until the end. And even then, you’ll want to immediately start the sequel because you’ll be left wondering what’s happening to literally everyone. Couldn’t I get at least one major thing resolved? No…okay. I’ll just go binge the rest of the series now.


The Ugly Truth

I can’t believe I didn’t start this series sooner! I loved almost everything about An Ember In The Ashes. It had morally grey characters, hot soldier boys, magic, battle scenes, and I can’t wait for more. (Literally I couldn’t wait. I binged the second and third book before even writing this.)

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Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it? Are you adding this to your TBR?