Rowaelin | A Throne of Glass Playlist

Kingdom of Ash is less than a week away so I had to put together a Rowan & Aelin playlist to hype myself up. I have to admit, this one was really hard for me to put together. Their relationship is so EPIC and nothing seemed to fit just right, but I’m hoping I did them justice.

Let’s see if I have to change the vibe of this playlist by the end of KOA…it might crush us, we might not survive, and I’m not sure I’m prepared for that. So for now, I’ll be content with reminiscing on the happy times between these two. I also have an Aelin-inspired playlist for all you boss-a$$ beasts out there.

The Breakdown

Here are a few of my faves and why I put them on this playlist!

Underneath It All, No Doubt

This song goes out to those times Aelin and Rowan act like they aren’t the greatest people to walk the earth. Just imagine Aelin being like “Yeah Rowan, I guess you’re pretty cool under all that gross fae territorial BS.” And Rowan is just like “Yeah, I don’t mind you either.”


Notable Lyrics: “You’re really lovely underneath it all.”

Smithereens, Twenty One Pilots

This song is so funny I had to add it to this playlist. Imagine this playing every time Rowan, who tries to hide how amazing he is (most of the time), protects Aelin against anyone who tries to step up against her. *Cue dinner scene with Arobynn and reunion scene with Rolfe.*


Notable Lyrics: “You know I’ll be in the corner taking notes. And you know I got your six while you’re working votes. But if I’m feeling someone stepping towards you, can’t describe just what I’m feeling. For you, I’d go step to a dude much bigger than me.”

End Game, Taylor Swift

I am convinced Taylor Swift writes songs as a princess who lives in a YA fantasy world. Her lyrics are ON. POINT. with so many stories, it’s not just a coincidence anymore…there really is a Swift song for everything…


Notable Lyrics: “Big reputation, big reputation, Ooh you and me we got big reputations, ah, and you heard about me, ooh. I got some big enemies[…]Ooh you and me would be a big conversation, ah, and I heard about you, ooh. You like the bad ones too”

Talk To Me

What did you think of my picks? What songs would you add? Do you have any playlists you’d want me to create?

October TBR

October tbr.jpgI decided to dedicate this month to – mostly – horror & thrillers. I don’t give my scary
stories enough love even though they are some of my favorites. I mean, who doesn’t love
a good scare?

Here are some of the books I’m excited to get through before Halloween. I’ve had IT for almost a year and have yet to dive in, even though I’ve seen both movie adaptations. As you can see, Stephen King is a theme here – he is the master of horror!


In other news I’m sitting here patiently waiting for Kingdom of Ash to drop on the 23rd, at which time my horror thrills will take a back seat. I NEED to know how this ends. Love Throne of Glass as much as I do? Check out one of my playlists!

Talk to Me: What are you excited to read this month?