Trash Tuesday | September & October Prompts


Welcome back, Trash Mob! I’m so excited that some of you wanted to join in on Trash Tuesday fun. I decided to put together the next 8 weeks worth of prompts for everyone and I can’t wait to see what you all write about.

If you do join, please link back to my Trash Tuesday blog page so others can find more info if they want.

See below for the next round of prompts. I’ve added in some context in case it’s needed, but remember these are meant to be open-ended, so use them however you’d like to gush about what you’d like!

September 17th: Characters I’m Trash For

Fictional characters you’re obsessed with. Boys, girls, men, women, monsters, pets, sentient beings…you name it, we’re here for it.

September 24th: Fandom Trash

Please share all the fandoms you’re part of. We all need more crews to join.

October 1st: Trash Collection 

What collectibles can you just NOT stop buying?

October 8th: Non-Bookish Trash 

We’re all here for more hobbies outside or reading.

October 15th: Cover Trash

Share the Trash book covers you can’t get enough of.

October 22nd: Villain Trash 

Spooky vibes because why not? Villains need love too.

October 29th: Supernatural Trash

Late night…are you google Vampire, Faerie, Zombie, Witch, Werewolf…something weirder? We want in.

Talk To Me

 Will you be joining Trash Tuesday? Any prompts you’re hoping to see in the future?

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