Review | Legendary Lives Up To Its Name

Legendary IMG_3988

By: Stephanie Garber

Overall Rating: ★★★★

Tella just survived her first Caraval but she made some dumb deals and now has to play the game AGAIN if she wants to survive. Panic, paranoia, and plenty of magic happen. Meanwhile, Scarlett is off keeping secrets from literally everyone. Julian is being dumb somewhere, and we see a whole lotta Dante, which I am NOT complaining about. Legend is still a mystery, but throw in some magical tarot cards, a sassy Queen that I love and some new characters and you’ll forget that Legend even exists.

Theme Song


Legendary was an epic sequel to Caraval and I was again taken on a rollercoaster of WTFs and OMGs – but it did come with a few underwhelming elements. I’m hoping Finale can solve some of my saltiness, but until the day comes – I’ll settle for an okay book 2.

The Good

The Setting

I thought the vibes from book one were great, but a magical castle town filled with flying carriages, starry magical night shows and vengeful gods definitely outdid Carval. I was so obsessed.

The Male Characters

The male characters are LIFE. Jacks is amazing, Dante is amazing. You’ll love them. Jacks takes pure and simple to a new level. It’s probably why I love him so much. In a world where you are constantly wondering what people are up to, it was refreshing to have one person as the constant (at least when you find out who he really is -mwahaha). For some reason the guys in this series just seems so much more sensible and relatable than the main ladies.


The Magic and Mythology

If you know me, you know that I’m a sucker for magic, mythical creatures, mythology that involves gods and goddess or all of the above. SO, when Legendary introduced some vicious, bitter gods I was hyped. It adds an unexpected element to the story beyond just winning Caraval and I’m excited to see where this goes in the final book.

The Bad

The Female Characters

…Well they’re kind of annoying AF. Tella and Scarlett need to get their priorities straight and also learn to be as smart as they think they are. Tella all of book 2 is like: “I’m more clever than people think. I’m always underestimated” BUT SHE SPENDS THE ENTIRE THING BEING DUPED. And Scarlett is all about protecting everyone and wanting love – but then keeps tons of secrets and almost gets people killed. I just can’t with them.


The “Big” Reveal

OOOOKAY. Without going into too much of a rage BUT ARE YOU SERIOUS WITH THAT LEGEND REVEAL?!?!? I spent two books waiting for the plot twist, and it definitely wasn’t what I expected…and not in a good way. I’m HOPING that this is the “almost-ending” and I’m being duped just like I was during book 2, but if this said person is, in fact, Legend, I am seriously going to die from all my exasperated gasps.


The Ugly Truth

I was definitely underwhelmed with a very particular plot twist and if Finale doesn’t fix this I will be dead, but other than that, Legendary is a good sequel! I really just can’t wait for Finale.

Talk To Me

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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