Mare Barrow | A Red Queen Playlist

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited the Red Queen world so I thought I’d share my one and only (for now) playlist I have from the world. I compiled some songs for Mare because she’s the snobby, flawed heroine I love to roll my eyes at.

The Breakdown

Obvi all my picks have something to do with being ⚡electric⚡. Here are a few of my faves!

Electric Feel, MGMT

Mare can make lightning, and she is helping to change the world. Everyone should want her electric feel!


Notable Lyrics: “You can feel it in your mind. Oh you can do it all the time. Plug it in, change the world. You are my electric girl.”

Body Electric, Lana Del Ray

This song has such a dark vibe, just like the series and honestly I just love the way it flows with the story.


Notable Lyrics: “I’m on fire. Sing the body electric.”

Electric Bird, Sia

A shoutout to Maven and Mare and the first two books. Poor Mare is an Electric caged bird.


Notable Lyrics: “Got to set you free, you were blinded by deceit. You can’t fly away electric bird, so now this rooms all staged, while you’re stuck there in that cage. You can’t fly away electric bird”

Talk To Me

What did you think of my picks? What songs would you add? Do you have any playlists you’d want me to create?

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