Top 5 Tuesday | Book Titles!

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Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the amazing Bionic Book Worm!

Today we’re talking about favorite books titles. This is something I’ve never actually given much thought to, so I’m excited to get into this…because I had to think long and hard, reference all the books on my shelf, and then hit up my Goodreads “Read” list just so I could actually decide what my top 5 titles actually were. So…

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Is this cheating to include an entire series as one? I LIVE for alliteration and let’s face it, Lemony Snicket is the king of alliteration. He’s also like a built-in thesaurus. Who would have thought to give a book a title like The Penultimate Peril or The Carnivorous Carnival?  Literary geniuses, that’s who.


How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourself

This book title speaks to my soul. I love doing nothing with no-one all alone by myself.


The Raven Boys

I didn’t really appreciate the title of this book until after I read it, but Maggie Stiefvater knows her stuff. I go around wishing I had my own group of Raven Boys. They have their own aesthetic and magic and I need it in my life.

Go the F**k to Sleep

I don’t have kids, but if I did you bet I’d be reading this to them at bedtime. Come on, it’s hilarious and they don’t understand anyway…right? Either way, this title should be on everyone’s favorite list.



Tina Fey has the best autobiography title and again, I relate so hard.


Talk To Me

What did you think of my picks? What are some of your favorite book titles? Do we have any of the same faves?

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