Book Outlet Haul

Loretta @ Laughing Listener recently won a Book Outlet giveaway on Twitter and loved me enough to share her gift cards! We both went a little crazy and chaos ensued, so we decided to share our antics with you, and the hauls we ended up getting.
Our texts while we waited for our boxes to arrive were intense….I had to share the mood swings we had while we impatiently waited for our packages to be delivered.

Here are the final breakdowns of each of our lists. Mine is on the left and Loretta’s is on the right. As you can see, we learned that each of us bought more than a baby’s weight in reading material. At least the mailmen that delivered our packages got a workout in!

My Thoughts on Loretta’s Picks:
Apparently she was really into witches and killers when she was making her choices. Also, is she just randomly picking series books and will fill in the rest later or does she have some of these randomly sitting on her shelf? I mean, I’d probably just buy most of a series and fill them in later if I were getting free books too…oh wait, I am😉 I’m also SO excited for her to read Warcross so I have someone to talk to about it!

Loretta’s Thoughts on My Picks:
Dev and I are so in sync. Not only did we both get An Enchantment of Ravens and Godsgrave (helloooooo! Signed first edition people), but right before I won this giveaway I bought The Wicked Deep, To Kill a Kingdom, and Shadow and Bone. Obviously we’re winning at life over here. And she has such a well rounded list! Her books have lady pirates, mermaids, witches, faeries, assassins, magic—I love it! It’s comforting to know I’m friends with an equal mystical creature opportunist. And I can’t wait to hear what she thinks about Caraval! I honestly can’t tell if she’s gonna be a lover or a hater, but I have popcorn ready for either outcome.

Here is your popcorn gif, Loretta 😂

How I Made My Picks:

I told myself I really, really needed that signed, first-edition of Godsgrave because I was buddy-reading (with Loretta as a matter of fact) Nevernight and was SUPER into it. I also realized my shelves were lacking mermaid & pirate books for some reason and decided I needed a bunch of those. They’re suuuuper trendy in YA right now, I guess. Side note: 10 points to Hufflepuff, since Loretta caught on to theme of my haul. The rest of my picks were randoms that I found while thoroughly scanning through the Young Adult pages on the site and the cross-referencing their ratings on Goodreads. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go attempt to get through my 84-year-long TBR pile.


Talk to me!

What did you think of our hauls? have you read any of our picks?

9 thoughts on “Book Outlet Haul”

  1. SO MANY BOOKS BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU. Am I drooling? I think I’m drooling. Lucky ducks and SO MANY CONGRATULATIONS, honestly. What book(s) are you most looking forward to reading first? Do you have any priorities from the order/your TBR?!

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    1. Thank you! I’m probably going to read Godsgrave next because I just finished Nevernight and I need to know what happens. Lol. But after that, I have no TBR order!


  2. Hahaha More than a baby’s weight 😂 Pretty sure we got two babies worth of books and I ain’t mad about it. Lol. And yay I win 10 house points!! Gryffindor gets 10 points too because you were spot on with mine. Also, thank you for including my popcorn gif. Obviously it was really important.

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