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Jess & Teagan over at Fiction No Chaser created this awesome YA Playlist tag. It was inspired by our #AutumnofAgony playlist we created with Laughing Listener to get us through the torture that is Sarah J Maas and Kingdom of Ash. *sobs in a corner*

Tagging Ann @ Ann Marie Swaim and Kacey @ Tales of a Bibliophile!

See my picks and the full playlist below!


  1. Pick your characters
  2. Choose their song
  3. Link to OG post at FictionNoChaser
  4. Tag some friends


YA Hero: Jace Herondale from The Mortal Instruments

Jace is my #1. He is sarcastic, beautiful and has a heart of gold. Yeah, he might be kinda messed up, but who isn’t just a little? He would sacrifice himself for the people he loves and let’s not forget he’s an angel warrior who kills demons.

There’s no such thing as too many JCB gifs

Song: We Are the Champions, Queen

YA Heroine: Mia Corvere from Nevernight

Mia curses like a sailer, smokes like a chimney, and could not care less what you think about her. She can also kill you in your sleep, so she’s pretty much awesome wrapped up in a 16 year old girl.

Song: Bad Reputation, Joan Jett

Sidekick: Ron Weasley from Harry Potter

There are no words for how adorable Ron is. So I’ll leave you with this – Weasley is our king!


Song: Sidekick, Walk the Moon

The Chosen One: Lia from The Remnant Chronicles

Lia does everything in the name of love, even saving the world.

Song: Love is a Battlefield, Pat Benatar

Bad Boy: Nik Malikov from The Illuminae Files

He’s in the Russian mafia, has done prison time, has a bunch of tattoos, smokes, carries a gun…but is a total softie and my favorite bad boy.

Song: Big Poppa, Notorious BIG

Character You Love to Hate: Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games

Sorry to all the people who love Gale, but he really is the worst. He’s whiny and indirectly gets Katniss’s sister killed. I don’t approve.

Constant Eye Roll at Gale

Song: Almost Lover, A Fine Frenzy

Love Triangle: Adam-Blue-Gansey from The Raven Boys

I hate love triangles, so the way things turn out between Adam, Blue and Gansey had me pleasantly surprised. This was a teenage love debacle I could get behind because it was short-lived and realistic.

Song: My Best Friend’s Girl, The Cars

Villain: Amarantha from A Court of Thorns and Roses

Everyone knows the REAL villain in this entire series was Amarantha and not the King of Hybern. She was THEE worst.

Song: Maneater, Hall & Oats

Terrible Parent: Linh Adri, The Lunar Chronicles

Cinder’s stepmom might be the worst person ever. She blames Cinder for her husband and daughter’s deaths, makes her work everyday to pay the family bills while she sits around at home all da), sells her out to the prince for invitations to a ball and after Cinder saves the world…still doesn’t apologize. #MomOfTheYear


Song: Mean, Taylor Swift

Pet: Kadara from Tower of Dawn

First off, Sartaq gets honorable mention because I love him but his Ruk, Kadara, is my ideal pet. She’s a huge eagle-like bird that he flies into war with and she’s amazing.

Song: Come Fly With Me, Frank Sinatra

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